Boulderdash II

Reviewed by Paul Rixon


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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Prism Leisure Corp.

Cassette 2.99
Disk 4.99
1-2 players
1-2 joysticks/ keyboard

BOULDERDASH has had a long and interesting lifetime. Originally published by First Star Software three years ago, it became an instant smash hit on the Atari and on the lesser micros too. Mirrorsoft brought the game officially into the UK about a year later, again with widespread popularity, and shortly afterwards Databyte announced the UK release of its successor BOULDERDASH II 'Rockford's Revenge'. Prism Leisure Corp. are now re-releasing the BOULDERDASH duo and the good news is they can be yours for under three pounds a piece.

Following a superbly designed and animated title page with musical accompaniment the game proper gets underway. You control the relentless Rockford, a cute little dude whose only aim in life is to collect as many diamonds from the caves as he possibly can. It sounds a doddle until you experience the eponymous boulders which tend to crush poor Rockford if he doesn't move out of the way in time.

Blocking amoebas, transforming butterflies and out-manoeuvring fireflies are just a few of the distractions Rockford will encounter on his travels. A quick reaction is not the prime necessity each cave is a complex and challenging puzzle requiring skill and brain-power to complete it. There's not a lot of people who can claim to have finished all sixteen caves in series without cheating! Full playing strategies are thankfully provided on the inlay.

If you do manage to master the first level there are four more to contend with after that. BOULDERDASH is not a game that you're going to tire of in a hurry. There are some great sonics included, and visually the game is superb. Just wait until you see Rockford impatiently tapping his foot during pause mode!

The majority of Atarians will already have the BOULDERDASH duo in their collections, but if it's missing from yours then you ought to make amends as soon as possible. My special thanks go to Rockford for sending me a pack of his edible boulders with the review copy. Yummy!