Gauntlet The Deeper Dungeons

Reviewed by Paul Rixon


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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U.S. Gold
4.99 cassette
6.99 disk

Attention all GAUNTLET fanatics! Having rushed out to buy the current U.S. Gold top seller, perhaps after reading the review in PAGE 6 (!), you might have survived the dangers imposed by demons, ghosts and similar obnoxious nasties, and be seeking a further challenge. If that is the case, THE DEEPER DUNGEONS are for you.

What you get are 512 brand new previously unexplored mazes, bubbling to the brim with all manner of adversaries, treasures, doors, rations (beware of the poisonous ones!) and generally the kinds of things that you would expect to find on any Sunday afternoon stroll into a deep dungeon. If you were an entrant to the design-a-screen competition then you may even see your name printed on the inlay card! Adhering to all of the rules established in GAUNTLET you will be given the opportunity to control the hero of your choice around the dungeons collecting treasure, searching for exits and, of course, killing anything that moves.

The genuine GAUNTLET arcade machine features stereo sound (courtesy of the POKEY sound chip!), voice synthesis and superb graphics. Nobody was expecting anything quite so mind-blowing on a home micro, but the truth of the matter is that following months of speculation and rumour, the Atari 8-bit version is a huge anti-climax. It is completely boring, visually very forgettable apart from a glimmer of hope resting in the ace title page and sonics are virtually nonexistent.

Needless to say, any comments made by Paul Blazeby in issue 28 hold true in this review. THE DEEPER DUNGEONS are simply more of the same quite a lot more in fact. Take my advice, invest your hard-earned cash in Firebird's DRUID instead. It's infinitely more playable! Don't forget that you must already own GAUNTLET before you can run THE DEEPER DUNGEONS, and also that the cassette and disk versions cannot be intermingled. Not a lot more I can add except buy it at your own peril!