Contributors' Profiles


Listed below are some of the individuals at Database Publications Ltd involved in the production of Atari User magazine.


Managing Editor

Derek Meakin

Group Editor

Alan McLachlan

Features Editors

Cliff McKnight


Mike Bibby


Andrew Bennett


Ken Hughes

Editorial Team

Kevin Edwards


Peter Bibby


Roland Waddilove

Editorial Assistant

Neil Fawcett

Reviews Editor

Christopher Payne

Reviews Co-ordinator

Pam Turnbull

Technical Editor

Andr Wiley

Production Editor

Peter Glover

Layout Design

Heather Shedrick

News Editor

Mike Cowley

Advertisement Manager

John RIding


Tony Nowell

Advertising Sales

John Snowden


Nora Lawton


Andrea Fawkes

Editor in Chief

Peter Brameld



We are extremely keen to make contact with ex-members of the Atari User production team and all other contributors . If you were associated with Atari User in some way then please do get in touch [contact] and tell us what you are doing!  If you are able to provide a short (or even long!) article about yourself, then that would be fantastic and we'll publish it here.