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A must for anyone who has Flight Simulator II. For only a modest price you get forty flight scenarios to key into the edit command of FS2 to give you flights ranging from a few minutes joy ride to long arduous journeys, all complete with in-flight commentary describing details of the passing landscape. You will get hours more pleasure out of Flight Simulator II and, who knows, might discover some extras you have not yet seen.

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For all you Flight Simulator addicts here is the sequel to the first book of flight simulator adventures. Another 40 all new adventures for you to key into the edit mode of Flight Simulator If you already have the first book, you may think 80 adventures is a bit over the top but one of the joys of having such choice is that you can always find something to intrigue or challenge you whether you fancy a quiet half hour or a palm-sweating epic in unsuitable flying weather! We know it's an extravagance but, go on, treat yourself!

FLYING ON INSTRUMENTS with Flight Simulator
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If you have got the hang of Flight Simulator and are seeking more challenges, what better than to learn how to fly by instruments only - just like the professional pilots! The book takes you through various stages of instrument flying from learning the functions of each instrument to basic manouevres to more advanced flying using charts and your instruments in all sorts of weather and situations. The book includes copies of publications from the U.S. Department of Commerce detailing recommended procedures for dozens of U.S. airports together with over 100 genuine IAP charts for various airports. There's a lot more than we can explain here, but if you know how to fly, this book will fire up your enthusiasm and give you many more months enjoyment out of Flight Simulator. Suitable for all Atari 8-bit versions of Sub-Logic's Flight Simulator programs.

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Here's an unusual book that will help you get more enjoyment out of programs like F-15 Strike Eagle and other jet combat simulators. Subtitled Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Manoeuvers, it will teach you the best ways to fly jet aircraft in combat situations and so expand your enjoyment of several Atari simulators. Lots of background detail about the F-15 provides fascinating reading before you learn about flying. The book is divided into two sections - Ground School and Flight School. In the first you will learn all the theory about flying in combat before going on to actual flight manouevres where you will learn the best ways to approach enemy aircraft, go in for bombing runs, avoid enemy missiles and much more. With this 'inside information' your flying time will be enormously extended and your scores will increase dramatically! There are hints and tips for F-15 Strike Eagle and several suggested missions to accomplish in a fine book for lovers of any kind of jet combat simulator.

LEARNING TO FLY with Flight Simulator
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If you are a new recruit to Sub-Logic's Flight Simulator or feel that you have not developed your full potential as a pilot, this book could well provide the experience required to enable you to get the very best from the program. Everything you need to know about flying is included in 26 simulated training flights and you'll learn how to fly smoothly, use your instruments, prepare a flight plan, land in different ways, handle engine stalls and emergencies, navigate with radio and much more. With this book you will go from being able to take off and fly short trips to long range flights across the USA, landing at different airports using the dozens of Airport landing charts supplied. Whether you are a raw beginner or an intermediate level pilot you will find this book essential to enable you to get the very best from Flight Simulator. Suitable for all Atari 8-bit versions of Sub-Logic's Flight Simulator programs.

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Owners of Silent Service, GATO or Sub Battle Simulator will find this book extremely useful in getting the best from the programs and will provide an interesting insight into the real world of submarine warfare. As well as specific hints for the games the book includes a guided tour of a real submarine, stories of life at sea and excerpts from actual patrol reports from a US submarine that illustrate the tactics discussed in the book. There are fifteen approach and attack tactics explained together with advice on how to avoid detection and get away safely once an attack has been completed. Complex programs like Silent Service are hard to master but with Submarine Commander you will come a lot closer.

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There are plenty of books around for flight simulation programs but, until now, none to help you get the best from that other 'serious' style of entertainment - wargaming. The Electronic Battlefield bridges the gap and brings you the inside story, plus hints, tips and playing strategy for a large number of the very best wargames many of which are available on the XL/XE. Among the games that you will find covered here are Silent Service, Jet, F-15 Strike eagle, Gunship, Broadsides, Warship, U.S.A.A.F, Gettysburg, Tigers In The Snow, Battlefront, Conflict in Vietnam, Kampfgruppe, Panzer Grenadier, Field of Fire, Combat Leader, Mech Brigade, Ogre, Balance of Power, Colonial Conquest and Lords of Conquest. If you have any of these and want to get more from them this book is a must and it also serves as a useful guide to future software purchases. A book for the computer wargaming enthusiast or newcomer.