DS#3 - CAD Layout Design



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A comprehensive program developed by a couple of guys who work full time for a graphics company producing CAD/CAM systems for the IBM. This is basically a layout facility allowing you to design floor layouts or plans for houses, gardens, rooms etc. The layout can then be scaled to any size or viewed from different angles and printed onto an Epson compatible printer. It is difficult to go into further detail in limited space but the extensive manual will give full details of the program's use. Several demo data sets are included. Knowledge of Basic is required and this is not a program for beginners. It could be a serious working tool or just plain fun. Try it and see.

NOTE: A Translator or XL FIXER (Disk#36) is required for the screen dump utility. This disk is NOT for beginners and requires a little programming knowledge.

Printed manual available

AUTOBOOT Side 1 with BASIC. Manual on reverse as text file.