DS#5 - Disk Editor



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One of the most useful programs I ever found was a disk editor from ANALOG magazine which taught me a whole lot about using and fixing disks. That program is copyright but the SECTOR TOOL on this disk does the same thing and comes with a complete tutorial on the disk to show you how to use it. With a Sector Editor, you can recover deleted files, change directories, customise disks, add personal details to your own commercial disks, change programs and a lot more. As you gain more experience you will not want to be without some means of directly accessing sectors on your disks. The other side of the disk is for more advanced users and contains a full SYMBOLIC DISASSEMBLER to disassemble files from memory or from disk or to explore individual disks sectors. Details of use of the disassembler are included but you will need some knowledge of machine code to use the program to the full. Also included are a couple of other useful utilities for disk users.

AUTOBOOT with BASIC. See disk for details of individual programs.