DS#7 - Super Quiz



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For lovers of trivia games we have an extra special Trivial Pursuit type game which comes as TWO DOUBLE SIDED DISKS for little more than the price of one! The quiz may be played by up to four players and is similar in style to the commercial game. There are six categories of question, Geography, History, Movies. Science, Sport and Words and each category has three levels of difficulty for extra points. The winner is the first to reach 35 points but you must gain points in each category to win. It won't be easy, some of the questions are incredibly hard! Remember this is a set of two double sided disks. The first side contains the game Itself and the other three sides are three sets of data to give you hours and hours of play. You can mark your position in the data at any point so that questions are not repeated when you resume play. Get your Super quiz today and spend the next few nights with some friends or the family showing them how clever you are. Maybe you are not as clever as you think though, there is a Phd level!

TWO double sided disks - price 3.50


DATA disk A on disk 1, side 2. DATA disk B on disk 2, side 1. DATA disk C on disk 2, side 2.