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Now this is something really special. A 100% machine code word processor that has just about every feature you would find in a commercial word processor and a few more that I have not seen in even the most expensive word processors. It will be impossible to describe here all of the features of this amazing program. All cut and paste, search and replace and cursor movement features that you would find on the most expensive word processors are here and you can change the width of the screen and the colour, check number of words in a document and more. There are a large number of printer control commands but most important of all (and rare on commercial word processors) is the full keyboard macro feature which allows you to define sets of commands to be allocated to individual keys. This is one of the reasons why I use Superscript and I was astonished to find such a powerful facility on a public domain program. You really have to see It to believe it. Textpro can be used as a conventional word processor or even as a program editor. On a 130XE you can load a program into RAMDISK, transfer it to Textpro, edit it with full cut and paste facilities, transfer it back to RAMDISK and run it! You can even edit object code with Textpro or use it with Kermit to download files, hold them in a buffer and transfer them for processing before saving or resending them. Textpro has lots of features for disk utilities and more. It works with several different DOS packages including Spartados. The first side of the disk has the program and several macro extensions and has on screen help facilities which can be loaded at any time. You can use it straight away without a manual but if you want to get the very best from the program, flip the disk over and you will find a full manual giving you lots of hints and tips and explaining some of the amazing things you can do with Textpro. This manual needs to be printed out and is over thirty pages in total. This is without doubt one of the finest programs I have seen in the public domain, certainly on a par with Turbo Basic for value and good enough to compete with the likes of AtariWriter. You'll have to trust us, but you wont be disappointed!


AUTOBOOT side 2 for manual (Macros manual on side 1)