DS#9 - Kermit



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We have been using Kermit ever since the ST came out to transfer files between the ST and an Atari 800XL or 130XE. You need an 850 Interface and a null modem cable (pins 1 & 7 straight, pins 2 & 3 crossed), which you can easily make up yourself, plus Kermit on the ST (see ST library) and away you go! Send to the ST at 9600 baud or back to the 8-bit at 2400 baud, it is simple and effective. Kermit can also be used as a terminal program in its own right to communicate with remote computers via modem. There is also a copy of AMODEM on the disk, one of the best of the public domain terminal programs complete with documentation. This is a single sided disk in the 'specials' because of its specialised interest.

AUTOBOOT without BASIC for KERMIT. Run AMODEM from BASIC after installing RS232 handler.