DS#10 - Cosmic Crusaders



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Here we have a quite unique simulation which can have up to NINE players. That's right! This must be one of the very few group games in which a number of friends or members of the family can take part at the same time. The story involves the ambitious and power-hungry Empress Gertrude who dreams of the day she rules the galaxy. One by one, the planets of the galaxy are falling into her ever-widening cosmic embrace and commanded by clones of the evil Count Zerak, her fleets of Battle Cruisers have become invincible. You must try and stop this either in liaison with or in competition with other players. Cosmic Crusaders is a superb strategy space war game, for up to NINE players. Your objectives are to conquer the surrounding planets, as you try to become the new Cosmic Emperor (or Empress as the case may be). We are confident that with a good number of players, this will turn out to be a very enjoyable and rewarding game, particularly after the first two or three weeks of playing it! Don't take our word for it, buy it and see. The program and rules are fully documented and the package comes complete with a printed manual essential for play.

Price 3.50 complete with printed manual

See manual for full instructions to load and play.