DS#12 - Americas Cup



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XL/XE only. To celebrate Australia 11 winning the Americas Cup an Aussie Atarian has come up with a superb simulation of big yacht racing. This is quite unique in that it tackles a simulation which has not been done commercially and you will find it interesting and challenging. Many factors go into winning the Americas Cup and you will be able to control them all from designing your yacht to anticipating weather conditions to sailing the actual courses. There are six courses to sail and the game comes with a fully printed manual explaining all you need to know all neatly packaged in a genuine plastic wallet! What more could you want! Lovers of simulations will enjoy this one which combines all kinds of strategic elements with good graphics representing the various courses. Try it for many hours of enjoyment, either solo or as a challenge to your friends.

Price 3.60 complete with printed manual

Boot WITHOUT BASIC. See manual for instructions and how to play.