DS#14 - Eyes of the Illuminati



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Double sided disk with several BASIC programs on one side and a machine language arcade game on the other. This is a very strange and 'mystic' game that is well thought out as a 'concept'. If you can appreciate things mystic and other worldly you will enjoy the whole feel of this. Side 1 contains many hints and clues about completing the game on side two and must be explored thoroughly to find the answer to the mysteries and attain the perfect score of 77777. The story is set way in the future and revolves around communications from an artificial intelligence unit giving you the insight to defeat the powers of Evil by using the Light of Truth. There are shades of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 among the many influences in what is one of the most unique contributions to the public domain. With a sense of wonder, spiritualism, mysticism or whatever you can really get into this, a most strange experience! Some of the graphics are really stunning and the machine language game itself is supposed to be in 3-D! You will need some red and blue glasses to test it out, although you don't really need them, as they don't come with the disk!

Boot Side A first and follow prompts. Leave disk in drive. Boot SIDE B WITHOUT BASIC.