DS#17 - Word Builder



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An excellent word game that is set up for older children but which, due to its unique Update facility can be changed to suit any purpose from simple words for young children to real challenges for adults or all round family fun. The game allows you to find definitions for a given word or guess the correct word given the definition and it works on a time basis for each contestant. There are nine dictionaries provided but these can be changed or added to as desired. The Update program supplied allows anyone, even a total non-programmer, to change the time limit, categories, words, definitions etc. or to create any number of new dictionaries. It is also possible to extend the program into other types of games such as trivia games. You can build up dictionaries for your children and update them as they get older (and cleverer!), build others to test specific subjects and yet more for family fun. This is a unique game suitable for anything from teaching the alphabet up to Call My Bluff! One of the very best programs we have seen in this genre, a must for every owner who loves word games or those who want to let the family join in. Full instructions for use are on the disk in a form that may be printed to screen or printer.

Boot Side A with BASIC for program

Boot Side B with BASIC for documentation.