DS#18 - Ace C



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This is the forerunner of the C language for the 8 bit Atari that was briefly available commercially a while ago but which now seems to have disappeared. A double sided disk with all of the support files, documents and sample source code you need to be able to dabble in C on your 8 bit Atari. You need to have some understanding of C to be able to use the disk as there is no tutorial but there are several text files and many examples on the disk to help you out. This one is a nice opportunity to try something different if you are bored with BASIC or just to have a look and experiment with other ways of writing programs. C source code is somewhat portable so you might be able to write a program to pass on to friends with other computers). A printer is useful to dump out all of the text documents but we can let you have a formatted printout.

Printed manual available

Boot Side B without BASIC (hold OPTION on XL/XE). Read all .TXT files, copy to P: or E: with DOS