DS#20 - Turbo Basic Support



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Just what many of you Turbo Basic users have been waiting for, particularly if you are not a top notch programmer, is this first support disk prepared by a Turbo user in the States and aimed at making Turbo Basic a little easier to understand and use. The first side of the disk contains extensively rewritten documentation with many suggestions for the use of various commands in example programs. Every single command is covered and there are lots of hints to help novice or intermediate programmers. Side 2 contains a couple of tutorials on Arrays and Sorting with an explanation of pseudo string arrays which could help a lot of people who don't fully understand how to manipulate strings on the Atari. The disk is rounded off with a Ram Disk Cataloguer which is only really of practical use on the 130XE but which will, nevertheless, provide an opportunity to study a long Turbo program. A double sided disk, with both sides full and the ideal next step for beginners or Intermediate programmers who have Turbo Basic. And if you don't have Turbo Basic you should be ashamed, order it now).

Boot Side A with BASIC for documentation

Boot Side B with BASIC for tutorials.