DS#23 - File Crunchers



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Of interest to anyone who uses Bulletin Boards or transfers material over to the ST or other computers is this collection of ARC utilities and file compressors. The disk contains versions of the famous ARC utility found on IBM machines and the ST which allows files to be combined and compressed for transmission or to keep related files together. ARCing files saves transmission time and costs and as this ARC is fully compatible with others you can port files over to an ST and then unARc them with the equivalent ARC program on that machine. SCRUNCH is the other compression utility which will take a whole disk and compress It into one file that can be transmitted or just kept as a back up for safety. Both programs are fully documented and the disk is full. Interestingly, these 8-bit programs have been written in C for additional speed, but they will run straight from the disk.

Boot Side A with BASIC.