DS#24 - R-Draw



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Runs on 130 XE only. A Graphics 8 drawing package whose main strength is the use of text with drawings making it ideal for producing charts, graphs, plans and the like as well as conventional illustrations. All of the expected functions are present such as line draw, circle, spray gun etc. plus a few novel ones such as automatic starfield, especially effective since you are working mainly with white on black. Text can be placed almost anywhere in any one of four different sizes. Sections of the picture can be copied to other parts of the screen and more. The program is fully documented and comes with three sample pictures. All pictures are saved in standard 62 sector format making it compatible with many other programs and, if you have a printer, especially with HI-RES DUMP (Disk #DS25) which follows.

Boot Side A without BASIC for program

Boot Side B with BASIC for manual.