DS#25 - Hi-Res Dump



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Runs on 130 XE only. A superb program for those with printers which will print up to eight standard screens onto one A4 sheet enabling full page printouts to be made without any noticeable joins. If you design your screens properly you get a full A4 printout of a newsheet with graphics or a poster or a book cover or whatever you can think up. Up to eight 62 sector pictures can be loaded and they can be printed out as sets of two side by side enabling a quarter, half, three-quarter or full size A4 to be printed. Printers supported are Epson, CP80 and Panasonic although instructions are included to enable the program to be configured for use with any 8-pin printer. There are eight sample screens on the disk giving an excellent demonstration of what the program can do. Any drawing program that produces 62 sector files in Graphics 8 can be used but R-DRAW (DS#24) is ideal especially for creating newspaper style pages. This excellent program comes from Germany and the original German instructions have been translated for us by reader Jim Flewker.

Boot Side A and follow instructions