DS#26 - Paper Airplane Maker



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Possibly the most unique disk we have featured so far! Lots of fun for those with a printer, especially those that have kids, but we suspect that a lot of dads will be taking custom printed paper planes to work! Although essentially a simple program that prints standard picture screens to an Epson compatible printer, this is very well done with instructions and designs for several different types of planes (some are only minor differences) that really fly! Gone are the days when you struggle to fold up a sheet of paper for the kids and make something that flies straight from your hand to the floor! With these planes you can even hold contests. The planes come complete with logos and marking but children will have great fun colouring them in before they are folded for flying. As well as the standard designs provided, you have the option to design your own with the drawing program included and as an added bonus there is an excellent menu on the back of the disk that enables you to make autoboot disks or give each of your disks a unique name. Sometimes you can get the most fun out of the simplest of ideas and paper planes are simple and fun but you try and make one that flies! Kids stuff? Come on, hands up all those who have never made a paper plane!

Boot Side A with BASIC and follow prompts.

Boot Side B for Utility Menu and Drawing program.