DS#27 - Ham Radio & Electronics



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There are many owners who use their Ataris in connection with Amateur Radio or electronics and this collection should prove useful. Unless you understand these things some of these programs might be a bit obscure and, to be honest, we don't understand what a lot of them are supposed to do! If you know something about this branch of computing we are sure you will be able to figure them out. The disk begins with CODETEST, a simple morse code tutor and trainer. SATORBIT gives predictions of the orbits of the OSCAR8, RS series and UOSAT 9 satellites. ANTCAL is an antenna length calculator. Calculation of electrical formulae is covered in EFORMS while RESISTOR enables you to delve into that box of hundreds of resistors and find out just what value and tolerance a particular resistor is. YAGICAL calculates dimensions for constructing a Yagi antenna and RECOIL allows you to design a small RF coil. LCCOMP gives values for LC circuits, PADPIX helps in designing Attenuator pads and MINIMUF has something to do with determining the radio frequency of sunspots(?). Finally CALLDUP and CONTEST are a kind of database for logging various calls made and stations worked. There is no documentation on this disk and we cannot guarantee what the programs do but if you are into Radio or Electronics you may well find something useful or educational here.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.