DS#28 - D&D Character Utility



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Requires printer. Anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons will find this great utility extremely useful in creating new characters. All the requirements of D&D are included and the program prints out nicely formatted character sheets of each character created (a printer is required). Random strength, intelligence, charisma etc. are created for the character before you chose the race, class and level for your character. Magic spells are provided for Magic Users, Clerics and Druids and the character can then be fully equipped with armour, weapons, provisions, religious items, livestock and much, much more. This is a most comprehensive Character creator that D&D players and Dungeon Masters will find constantly useful and which is quite fascinating even if you don't play D&D, just to see what different types of character you can create.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.