DS#29 - Genealogy



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At last a really good public domain family history program that will produce Personal Histories, Pedigree Charts and Family Groupings or Descendant listings. The program can keep track of about 500 files on up to ten data disks and is able to cope with up to two thousand relatives! Vital statistics can be entered for any person in free format so that you can record, for Instance, birthplace and marriage details or additional notes. Children and parents can be inserted at any time and the program keeps track of all related files enabling Pedigree charts to be produced. Good documentation is included and there are example files provided by the author. The author uses the system himself and has twenty two generations of his family and seventeen generations of his wife's family stored away on disk! Try it, if you are into family histories. Even if you can only go back a couple of generations, it might inspire you to delve even further!

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.