DS#30 - SpartaDos Utilities 1



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Some cracking utilities for SpartaDos users, most of which are fully documented on the disk. For starters we have ALPHADOS.COM which will allow an alphabetical sort of filenames and/or extensions. COLUMN80.COM allows SpartaDos to use an 80 column display. COPYMOD.COM will copy files from Ramdisk back to a floppy by selecting only files that have been modified to be copied back, thus saving a lot of time. FASTLOAD.BAS is a program that adds Ultraspeed skew to non-SpartaDos disks such as DOS 2.5 allowing them to run at a faster speed on drives fitted with the US doubler. MENU.BAS gives a directory while in Basic and has the option of RUNning a program by pressing one key. MORE.COM lists text files to the screen at the rate of 25 lines per screen with the option to press the space bar for the next 25 lines. NCHSET.COM allows alternative character sets to be used with SpartaDos 3.x and there are 33 character sets on the disk ready to use. PATH.COM is a utility for SpartaDos 3.2 which will enable you to enter a filename no matter what subdirectory you are in and have the program search all directories and run the program if it finds it. Last one is XFORMAT.COM which will clear or reformat a disk without going through all the wear and tear of actual formatting. A lot of useful utilities to enhance SpartaDos even further. If you don't use SpartaDos this disk may still be useful for the collection of 33 character sets which can be used in your own Basic programs.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.