DS#32 - SpartaDos Utilities 3



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The third in the series of SpartaDos utilities containing ARC, the universal file archiving program that allows files to be combined and crunched for storage or to send over a modem. ARC is compatible with the ST and several other computers so files could be transferred. Utilities associated with ARC are ARCMATE which allows files to be batch selected for ARCing, ARCREAD which will show exactly what is in an ARCed file and ARCX which will extract ARCed files. DCOUNT counts the number of entries in a given directory to avoid problems if you are coming up to the SpartaDos limit for subdirectories. DS is a directory sort to sort by filename or extension and LL Is a handy program for printing documentation files without fuss. All the programs are documented on the disk and there is also an interesting document file detailing all the various memory upgrades for the Atari machines.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.