DS#33 - SpartaDos Utilities 4



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Continuing the series with many more useful utilities. DIRC allows you to define the style of directory listings. LIBRARY and LIIBRARYX respectively combine and separate files so that for instance, program and documentation files can be kept together. SINIT will initialise disks allowing you to set the density from within the command. SUPERKEY will provide XL/XE machines with 17 definable macro key commands so that SpartaDos commands or programming code can be entered with one keystroke! There are some macros supplied and the KEYEDIT program allows you to define your own macros. TEST256K is, as you may have guessed for testing memory in upgraded machines. VBASIC switches BASIC on or off and finally XDEL works similarly to the XCOPY command and allows you to batch delete files. Documentation is provided for each program.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.