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This is the DOS that will allow you to use the XF551 drive as a full double-sided double density-drive and which also brings you many new DOS commands. MYDOS can be used in any density with any drive and is a powerful alternative to SpartaDos or DOS XL. It was, until recently, sold as a commercial program for around $50 but is now in the public domain. There is no possibility of explaining all the features in a short paragraph - the documentation comes to over 35 A4 pages when printed out! To get the best out of MYDOS it is necessary to read all of the documentation which Is on the disk so access to a printer is almost essential. MYDOS comes as two disks (3 sides) at a special price.

TWO disks - price 3.50

Disk 1: Side A - Manuals and utilities - use DOS to copy READ.ME to screen or printer. Side B - Source Code.

Disk 2: Boot with this disk. Disk contains MYDOS and utilities.


If you don't have a printer we will supply a fully printed out manual but in view of it's length of over 35 pages it will bring the cost of the package up to 7.00. The manual is fully formatted and bound.

Price 7.00 including disks