DS#35 - Michael Jones' Battle Trivial



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Requires 1050 drive. Enjoy an excellent Trivia game in which you battle for supremacy on a chess-board like grid with two opposing armies. Squares are captured by answering trivia questions. The game can be played by 1 or 2 players. There are 52 battle plans to choose from at the beginning, different question disk can be used, and each category of questions is divided into three difficulty levels. Answering questions will take you around the grid until you reach a square with an opposing knight in which case you may enter into a 'joystick challenge'. Three different challenges are available, mini games in which you must beat the other knight with the winner capturing the square. At the end of the game you must capture the enemy flag and so engage in a special challenge to win the final battle. The reverse of the disk contains a Question Maker so that you can make up your own question disks. This really is a top class game, that is also well documented on disk. If you don't have a printer we can supply a printed copy of the manual.

Printed manual available

BOOT with BASIC. MANUAL contained in files GAME.TXT and QMAKER.TXT.