DS#37 - Touch Edit



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A top class Player Missile and Character editor that has several features not found in other programs of this nature including the ability to set GTIA and ANTIC modes. Characters or players can be designed using joystick, touch tablet, paddles or even a mouse and although there is no documentation the process is very easy. On the reverse of the disk are several demos and various utilities that allow you to create Basic programs to set up and use character sets you may have defined or create player/missile graphics. No programming to do! Basic loaders for fonts can be automatically written and there are a good number of ready defined fonts and Touch Edit screens on the disk to use or experiment with. There are fonts that are used in commercial games including those used in Koronis Rift so you can see just how those top quality graphics are created. Without doubt the best combined player/missile and character set editor we have come across.

BOOT with BASIC. Main program on Side A. Utilities on Side B.