DS#41 - SpartaDos Utilities 6



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More SpartaDos utilities, including many for hard drives but with a SpartaDos version of the excellent program DCOPY which will make all DOS type commands much easier with abilities to append files, call a directory, copy files, erase, format, lock, print the directory, do a multiple file copy, show subdirectories, view ARC files, sort SpartaDos directories and much more. A classic utility now adapted for SpartaDos. CHANGESU will enable you to rename subdirectories and files with full support for inverse and lower case. The hard drive programs include HDTOOLS, HUH, KILL21, KILL30, PARK, RECOVER, SORTIT10 and VPATH, programs to sort directories, delete multiple files, parking drives and more. Most of the files are fully documented, especially DCOPY but a few are not, try them even if you don't have a hard drive! For the majority this disk is worthwhile for the excellent DCOPY alone.

BOOT with BASIC. Select from Menu. Any special instructions (if needed) will be shown under HELP.