DS#43 - Microcheck 130XE



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Requires 130XE. This really is a top class application, extremely well presented and easy to use. All of your cheque book entries can be included simply and easily and there are many features to manipulate your data such as categorising to discover how much you have spent on certain items. Hardcopy reports are available and there is even a feature to print out cheques, if you just happen to have the right sort of checks! Although the program is American it can quite easily be used in the UK. There is little documentation included but the program is quite easy to figure out and after a couple of trial runs you should find no problems. Check book and similar accounts programs have always been popular but none have been quite so sophisticated and easy to use as this one which takes full advantage of the extra memory in the 130XE.

BOOT with BASIC. Use DOS option C to copy .TXT files and .DOC files to screen (E:) or printer (P:)