DS#60 - Weak!



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We are not sure why this is called WEAK! but it originates from Germany so maybe that title means something. The program is a utility to print out pictures in Micropainter, Koala, Fun With Art or Artworks format to either 9 or 24 pin printers. To our knowledge this is the first program to support 24 pin printouts on the 8-bit. The printers supported as standard are the Seikosha SL80 and Epson 9-pin printers along with the Star LC2410 24-pin printer, but the program allows you to create your own printer drivers, so that, in theory, any printer can be used. The program supports graphics modes 8, 9 and 15 and the picture can be previewed in various modes before printing. There are a number of pictures on the disk for you to experiment with.

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