DS#71 - Worlds of Wonder Vol. 1



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. Another excellent demo from Germany this time combining top class music with assorted graphics. The music is the main emphasis of this demo and includes some cracking tracks that stretch the sound chip to its limits. Many tracks sound as if they are most likely using 16-bit sound by combining the sound channels. The disk opens with a picture of King Tut with a scrolling message and a good soundtrack before going on to the main menu which offers you a choice of eight tracks - Against Commodore, Amiga Mega Mix, Fantasy, Atari Commodore Soundtrack, Goldrunner, Katakis, Atari Fever and Dance Mix. Many of these have been inspired by (taken from?) the ST and the Amiga and show that the XL/XE is just as strong in the sound department. Give it a go to see, once again, what a great computer the Atari Classic is.

Enhanced density - boot side A WITHOUT Basic