DS#86 - Hobbytronic '89



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This disk, which we believe is the first Hobbytronic demo, brings us up to date with our collection of Hobbytronic demos. Being an early disk the demos are not quite as stunning but they still show features that nobody else seems to be able to achieve. On the first side you will find three demos, an intro with stacks of stuff going on, a Mandlebrot picture and a good one with starfields and a circular scroller coupled with some great music. On side two there are five demos starting with an ABBUC intro with bouncing bars and sprites. This is followed by more bouncing sprites on a grid and some great music. Next up is a landscape scene with music, followed by a starfield which comes from either side and disappears toward the middle where there is a fine upward scroller and rainbow bars. The final one has some great music with bouncing bars measuring the beat. Maybe not as strong as later demos but still something to show just how great your Atari is.


Boot Side A or side B WITHOUT Basic

Use START key to go to next demo or leave running