DS#89 - Futura 6



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The last FUTURA to be available through PAGE 6 as future issues will only be available direct from NOSAUG. This time we have no less than 18 articles and 8 programs for your enjoyment. The articles cover all aspects of the Atari Classic and contain a great deal of information both old and new. On side A of the disk there are three programs, COLOUR HELPER which simply lets you change the screen and border colours with a constant update on the Setcolor and Poke figures required for that colour. SPIDER is a German game in which you have to make your way through a cavern which has loads of spiders hanging from the ceiling trying to get you. You have to collect keys to open the door to the cupboard where the insect repellent is kept. CAPTURE THE FLAG is a cracker of a 2 player game where each player has to run round a maze to be the first to collect the flag. Each player can see only the part of the maze they are in and the action is really smooth. Side B is dedicated to Turbo Basic and here the star is HORSE RACING in which you need to win six races. Full docs are provided with this one. There is also Random Music Generator, Word Counter, Loan and HexaDeci which you could find useful. The last chance to get FUTURA from the PAGE 6 library. Let's hope that Stuart Murray gets enough support direct to keep this going for a long time.


Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B WITHOUT Basic