DS#96 - The W.A.F. Demo



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Requires enhanced density drive. Is this the World Atari Federation? No, Its the Wuerzburger Atari Front which should give you the clue that this is another superb demo disk from Germany. On side one you have six demos with twisting messages, coloured, bouncing bars, big logos, rainbows, great music and much more. Also a wire frame vector demo and The Megaball Demo with a huge bouncing scroll. Flip the disk and you will find The Sinus Scroller with good effects in time with the excellent music together with a couple of 128k demos. The Raytracer shows a bouncing ball in 256 colours and the 128k Vector Demo has a very good wireframe rotation. As always it is difficult, and somewhat pointless to try and describe all these demos which are designed to be seen and heard rather than described. Once again the Germans have demonstrated the amazing capabilities of the Atari and this one will give you continued pleasure in your system.


Boot Side A WITHOUT Basic

Boot Side B WITHOUT Basic