DS#100 - Space Trouble II



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Enhanced density drive required. In the beginning you were on a trip to try and blast the planet Siridium into solar orbit to boost the power of our dying sun but things went wrong. After your ship had been destroyed you fled alone in your SL-MINI space craft. Now, low on fuel, you make a crash landing on a new planet. You have to find fuel to make it back to Earth. Exploring this strange world you first come across a dinosaur. Suddenly you realise you are on the planet Guridium ruled by the Connection For Destroying Earth and you remember reading about this is Alien Worlds magazine. The C.F.D.E. has installed a Mutator machine here and transformed all the inhabitants of the planet into flesh eating monsters who now roam the planet as a deterrent to visitors. There are two guards left which you must avoid as you look for the fuel supply. Space Trouble II is a sort of arcade adventure neatly done with a double action joystick control. Pressing the fire button allows you to alternate between controlling the movement of your character and examining and using various objects you find. You need to examine everything carefully and select tools and objects to help you along. There are many puzzles to solve, not least of which is how to get past that dinosaur. Altogether a neat game that will keep you busy for some time.


Boot Side A with Basic