DS#101 - The Nephew



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. There are very few graphic adventures in the public domain but this looks to be a real winner - four disk sides with over 40 locations all with graphics! As far as the story goes you will have to work it out as you go along. You start inside your house and can fairly quickly find a passport and the front door key so you assume that the task is to get out of the house for some reason. It seems quite easy until you exit the front door only to be killed by a policeman because you are too scruffy! Even a shave in the bathroom doesn't seem to help. If you check the disks you will find locations outside, in the cellar and in a castle so that gives you an idea where to go. Mind you when I tried to get down to the cellar I promptly broke my neck! Maybe you can do better? The Nephew is a neat adventure to add to your collection or to start you on your way to the puzzling world of Atari adventure.


Two disk set - price 3.00


Disk 1 - Boot Side A WITHOUT Basic