DS#102 - My Jong



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A great new challenge for lovers of solitaire games, this is a variation of the classic Shanghai type games that require you to match and remove various tiles. The screen will show a board with numbered tiles in 3-D and in different colours and you need to match the tiles using the joystick to control a pointer. Along the top of the screen are drop down menus that enable several options. You may design new 3-D puzzle patterns, flip or switch the numbers around, locate a number match if you are stuck, cheat if you can't find a match or are really stuck and, finally, you can change the game parameters. These include the opportunity to customise the number blocks which can be changed in length, width, height or marking. The method of removing the blocks can also be changed with options to match blocks to the left or right, vertically at any height or in any location. You just set the game up as you wish. My Jong will allow hours of play as you try to improve upon your best time and the options to customise the game mean that you can continue to play if you get fed up with the standard game.