DS#103 - Paper Masks



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Requires enhanced density drive and Epson compatible printer. If you enjoyed Paper Airplane Maker, here is another great program to get your printer into use, especially if you have kids. Paper Masks is based on the same concept as the paper plane maker, except this time you can print out face masks for your kids to wear at parties or just for fun. Over two dozen masks are available ready to print out, you just run through the designs in a slide show and select the mask you require. Press a key and it is printed out. Once you have the print out it's time to be creative with the colouring. You can stick the mask onto card If you wish and cut out the eyes, fold the nose and more to create your own paper sculpture. On screen colours give you ideas on how to colour in and there are suggestions on the disk on what medium to use. There are over two dozen ready designed masks, all expertly drawn by an art teacher, or you can design your own with the drawing program included. Choose from half masks that cover only the top part of your face (like harlequin masks) or full face masks in designs that include lions, monsters, clowns, horror creatures and many, many more. It is not often that a program comes along that can put your computer to use for all the family and their friends but this will bring hours of enjoyment as your kids print and colour their masks. Of course, if you are into fancy dress parties yourself, what better than to give each of your guests a custom mask to suit their personality!