DS#104 - Sky Network Stereo



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Here is some fabulous music exploiting the full capabilities of the soundchip but with a difference - stereo, even if you don't have a stereo upgrade! In order to achieve the stereo effects you will need two complete systems but the music is excellent even when played on one machine in glorious mono! If you have a mate and you can get two systems together then you can have some fun with this which works by enabling you to select whether to play the left or right channel sound. As long as you synchronise the sound you should get stereo. Full instructions for setting up are included on the disk. Stereo or not this is a great selection of music from Poland accompanied by some neat on-screen scrolling and special effects. There are ten tunes to select, all of cracking quality. Enjoy the novelty of stereo or just enjoy some great music that shows that the Classic can easily match the ST in the sound department.