DS#105 - Turbo Basic Programmer's Kit



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The essential accessory for anyone who programs in Turbo Basic at beginners or intermediate level. Not only do you get expanded documentation but also tutorials on creating Turbo programs in a structured manner with examples of often used procedures. Disk 1 has fully expanded documentation on Turbo Basic itself with every new command illustrated by example and with program listings. There is also full information on the Compiler with step by step illustrations on how to compile your own program and create autoboot disks. Here you will also find amendments to Turbo Basic that bring small improvements in its use. On disk 2 you will find The Turbo Journal, a newsletter style presentation giving step by step instructions on creating a program in Turbo Basic with each module explained. Here is how you learn to write structured programs so that Turbo can run at its best. Disk 3 gives a further instalment of The Turbo Journal with tutorials on How To Use Module, How To Use Arrays and How To Do Sorting, each illustrated by practical examples. On the other side of the disk are over two dozen ready to use routines that you can combine with your own programs to do a myriad of tasks from accessing disk drives, to displaying text on screen or printer to sorting and much more. You can save time and enhance your programs by simply importing one of these routines. Three disks that will enable you to get the very best from Turbo Basic, even if all you ever do is compile the odd program.

Three disk set 5.50