DS#106 - The Adventures of Dr. Jones



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If you have ever envied Indiana Jones in his various exploits now's your chance to join him in an exploration of an ancient tomb in which you will find all sorts of peril, and all sorts of treasure. As you start the first of 5 levels you enter the Tomb of Akmadin where you will see various levels connected by ladders with a couple of skulls to collect and maybe, a treasure or two glowing in a passageway. You must find the best, perhaps the only, way through the passageways by experimentation since many of the perils are invisible. When you have decided your route you need to move quickly on some sections to avoid rockfall and to escape sections where gates will drop to trap you. If you can collect the treasures then you need to find your way out but it is not easy. After a while your torch will expire and you must try in the dark, a near impossible task. The Adventures of Dr. Jones is a very difficult arcade adventure that will tax your skills to the limit. If you think you can tackle difficult games or want a challenge beyond the normal then give this one a try. If you get past the first screen perhaps you could drop The Tipster a line and let us all know how to do it!


Boot WITHOUT Basic