DS#107 - Star Raiders Academy



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Bet you never made it to Commander in Star Raiders! Not many did but now this cracker of a disk gives you the full lowdown of the best computer game of all time that should enable you to progress way beyond your previous level. On this double sided disk you will find almost all of the information that has ever been published about Star Raiders including a massively extended manual and a five part tutorial on how to reach the ultimate level of Commander. There are also hints and tips on many things you didn't know like how to make Star Raiders an effective two player game. There are pages and pages of information included here with diagrams to explain more complex points, much of which you will never have seen before. If you haven't played Star Raiders in some time, it's time to get the cartridge out again. With the information here you will begin to explore strange new levels and boldly go where you have never managed to go before. The time has come for Star Raiders to reign supreme once again?


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