DS#109 - The X-Com Wedge



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Requires SpartaDos and 128k memory. A resident command processor extension utility designed specifically for SpartaDos 3.2d and XL/XE machines with a minimum of 128k memory. This enhancement of SpartaDos adds more than 20 new commands, all of which are fully documented. An example of just a few of the added commands includes COLD to simulate a coldstart of the computer, COUNT to return the number of files in a directory, DEC to convert numbers from decimal to hex, EDIT to replace the Copy E: function with a command that will not trash your disks, FIND to search your disks for a specified file and, of course there are many more. All of these extra commands are designed to be easy to use and the full parameters are given in the extensive documentation which also includes a quick reference chart and fixes for any problems you might encounter. SpartaDos is a superb utility, now it can be even better!


Boot WITH Basic