DS#114 - Cool Emotion



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Requires enhanced density drive. Who writes the best demos? The Germans? The Polish? Maybe, but here is a Hungarian programmer who would dispute that and who will almost certainly have you changing your opinions as well. Cool Emotion is an excellent double sided demo with everything you might expect from a top class demo, and then some! Some quite astonishing displays include an amazing checkerboard that zooms in and out, an amazing screen of circling globes with digitised music, a user definable plasma display, along with the more usual scrolling messages. Each screen is carefully built up to add more and more effects until you start to say that this simply can't be done on an 8-bit system! It can, but only on the Atari, and Cool Emotion is the demo to put many other demos to shame, including many written for the ST. Be astonished by how great your Atari is. Cool Emotion is a demo that every Atari user should see.


Boot WITHOUT Basic