DS#116 - Pigs In Space



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Requires 130XE (or 128k) and 1050 drive. Perhaps not quite what you might be expecting as PIGS stands for Pluto Inter Galactic Services, a sort of interplanetary AA Rescue service! This is a great space simulation in which the objective is to become the first player (up to 6 can take part) to visit 12 planets and pay off all your debts. You will find a list of commodities to buy to take to the first planet where you can trade these commodities for other goods and services. Keep doing this and you can visit more and more planets in an attempt to win. You must bear in mind at all times that fuel is needed to get from planet to planet and this costs money so keep some in reserve. If you make mistakes in manoeuvring then you will may run out of fuel and P.I.G.S. will be automatically called out. Their charges for fuel are not exactly competitive! Although this is a simulation. don't expect the usual sort of text screen with everything left to your imagination. Pigs In Space is fully graphics based with the planets shown in three different sectors, maps and fuel gauges on screen and more. Virtually everything is joystick controlled. Full instructions are included on the disk and this is sure to be a great challenge.


Boot WITH Basic