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Those of you who have printers will like to use their Atari more creatively and most probably already use a word processor. Creative Process is similar but is termed an 'outline processor', software that enables you to put down your thoughts as they occur and then rearrange those thoughts into a coherent and understandable report. As you develop an outline for a project you can add detail and supportive text to each points. You are free to add, delete, copy or move text and index points at any time. As you reorganise your thoughts, you can quickly change your document to match. Although Creative Process includes a mini word processor you have the ability to export your text for further work in your favourite word processor. The program is intended for writing reports or essays but can be used for many more projects where data or ideas need to be organised. Suggestions are included for using the program as an index card system to keep track of collections, a home inventory to monitor your possessions or as an aid to project management. You can also use the program to keep a programmer's subroutine library or even a personal calendar. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Extensive documentation is included to enable you to use the program to its fullest capacity. You will need a printer as the documentation stretches to dozens of pages but then if you have a word processor you probably already have one. Creative Process is a unique way of organising your thoughts as you struggle to get what's inside your head down on paper in a coherent form.