DS#131 - Spartados 3.3



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SpartaDos has been one of the few alternative DOS versions that have been successful for the XL/XE. It was always an expensive program but now has been grade available as PD so that everyone can use it at minimal cost. The disadvantage, is that the disk contains no instructions for use so you will need to be quite an experienced user to be able to experiment with the disk to find out just how it all works. This is a double sided disk with SpartaDos 3.3 on one side and an extensive Toolkit of utilities on the other side. I am not sure if these are what was issued with the original or whether there are some additional utilities supplied by other users. There are one or two doc files on this side of the disk to explain how the programs work. This disk might be worth a go for experienced users but those who need some help will be better off waiting until we can sort out an instruction disk, or a copy of the original manual.


Boot WITH Basic - Double Sided

Type DOS then type DIR