DS#133 - Joyride



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Another superb demo from Poland, the like of which we haven't seen for a while. If you have bought demos before, you know what to expect in style but some of the effects in this one will blow your mind. The main loading screen shows a set of floating pixels like a starfield above the the title and this recurs each time a demo loads. First up is a wobbly scroll (everything is in English) followed by a 'Plot Tunnel' which has never been done on the Atari Classic before. An unimpressive single line scroll follows but then the background comes alive with a a digital juggler taken from the ST (or Amiga) and the scroll continues, a great combination. A 'Plot Landscape' is next which looks like an animated version of one of those gadgets where you can push your face against pins to leave a likeness. Three spinning globes with ever changing patterns complete side 1.


Side 2 introduces members of the programming team with a moving starfield on the left and digitised photos on the right which morph into each other. Personal details of each of the three programmers appear over the starfield. After this there follows a huge photo (very clear) of the three of them which is over twice the size of the screen so bounces and scrolls around so you can see it all. What many Atarians have said is the best effect so far on the Atari is the Oil Plasma which is like a series of colourwash effects in the centre of the screen which can be altered using console keys. Mighty impressive! Next, flame licks the bottom of the screen before going on to a set of digitised photos of girls that are subject to all sorts of trick effects. A set of spiralling dots now heralds an astonishing set of 3D moving squares which seem to go right back into the screen - a bit like those Magic Eye pictures. Several more effects follow before the closing greetings and credits. This last is very impressive with a series of 'film stills' of all the demos you have seen.


This is only a couple of years old and there may not be many more of these to come. Give it a view, it really is a cracker.


Boot WITHOUT Basic