DS#152 - Have A Laugh




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Here we have a disk of jokes, stories and anecdotes similar to the Nutworks disk that can be found on the ST and PCs. All of this is intended to be fun but BE WARNED most of the jokes are of the 'dirty' variety and may well offend some people. This is made very clear in the introduction screen where you are advised to format the disk if you are likely to be offended. If you like smutty jokes and the odd clean one then you may well enjoy this. Some of the jokes are of the burst out laughing variety whereas others are just plain corny and there are plenty of 'in' jokes for computer users and several 'true' stories. All of the text can be accessed from a selection menu and read like a disk newsletter. Please don't buy this if you are not broad minded but, if you are you can certainly Have A Laugh as the title suggests.


Boot WITH Basic